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Business Law

Partners’ disputes

Criminal law

White collar crime

Real estate law

Crisis management

Business Law

Sudden termination of business relations

Contractual liability

Commercial agency

Hidden defects

Transport operations

Suppliers/Distributors relations


Debt Collection

Commercial Law and litigation are at the heart of the activity of Lutran Avocats & Médiation, which intervenes in the negotiation, drafting and proofreading of its clients’ contracts as well as the resolution of their disputes.

The Firm’s team provides acurate and documented answers to all its clients’ questions of commercial nature and represents and assists them in the resolution of their disputes at all stages of the procedure

Its scope of intervention covers the entire scope of commercial law: sudden termination of established commercial relations, contractual liability, commercial agency, hidden defects, transport operations, suppliers/distributors relations, counterfeiting, debt collection …

The acquired experience by the firm in the many cases entrusted to it by its clients allows it to offer suitable solutions both in legal and economic terms.

Lutran Avocats & Médiation endeavors to deal ahead with the problems encountered by its clients by exploring with them, when possible and when in their interests, the possibility of an amicable resolution of their conflicts in order to keep control of their files and achieve quick and efficient solutions

Litigation between corporate managers and partners’ disputes

Individuals’ issues
Financial issues
Uncertainty about the sustainability of the company
Image and reputational risks

Lutran Avocats & Médiation intervenes in conflicts between a company and its manager (or its former manager) or between partners of the same structure, often sensitive cases and involving fundamental requirements of confidentiality

Combining a wide variety of considerations (personal issues, financial issues, uncertainty about the sustainability of a company in the event that it finds itself paralyzed by conflict, reputational risk), these files must be understood from a preferably perspective amicable which is not only legal, so that the situation can be resolved in the best interest of the client, whether manager, partner, or even if it is a company in conflict with its current or previous manager

The experience acquired by the Firm in these cases and its mediation practice allows it to offer solutions adapted to the business community (including family assets) taking into account the admitted usages in place

Real Estate law and Litigation

Landlord/Tenant relations

Relations within the co-ownership

Various nuisances

Negotiations and review of leases

Rental Management

Rental costs

Lutran Avocats & Médiation frequently work on conflicts and issues related to all aspets of the building’s management (landlord / tenant relationship, relationships within the co-ownership, various nuisances, taking back of property, negotiation and review of leases, rental management)

Lutran Avocats & Médiation provides precise and documented answers to all legal and property management questions of its clients (rental costs, recovery of an abandoned property, obligations of the lessor and the tenant, common parts of the building, relations between the actors interested in the building and its management …)

The Firm represents and assists its clients before the courts at all stages of the case, including during appraisal operations on a particular point affecting the building, and relies on the skills of other players in the real estate sector (bailiffs  notaries, accountants, real estate experts, real estate agents, etc …) to optimally manage its files

Lastly, Lutran Avocats & Médiation favors the amicable resolution of property disputes, given the excessively long delays in obtaining a final court decision.

Criminal Law and Business Criminal Law

White collar crime
Crimes against people and property

Lutran Avocats & Médiation team intervenes in all areas of criminal law and and white collar crime in the interest of its clients – whether they are indicted, claimants or witnesses

The Firm intervenes in cases covering the entire scope of criminal law – white collar crime, crimes against people and property… – both at the investigation and at the trial stages

The Firm’s members are also frequently called upon to manage the criminal aspects of family disputes (physical and / or psychological violence between spouses and / or involving minors, harassment and threats, damage to vulnerable people, child abduction)

In addition to defending its clients dealing with criminal issues, Lutran Avocats & Médiation also takes into account the underlying criminal aspects of cases of other nature in order to develop a complete and effective litigation strategy.

With its experience in criminal litigation, the Lutran Avocats & Médiation team also intervenes upstream to protect its clients from possible risks of a criminal nature due to their activities (carrying out audits, delegation of authority, charters of good conduct …)

Crisis Management

Family disputes
Termination of relations
Labour Law Disputes

Lutran Avocats & Médiation is frequently requested by its clients to assist them in the resolution of crisis situations requiring fast and effective solutions in various contexts

The Firm has thus intervened in the following cases: assistance to a parent following the abduction of his child; assistance to the manager of a company singled out by its staff and unions on social networks; assistance to a service provider following the sudden termination of its commercial relationship with its main client; violence within the family unit; abusive termination of an employment contract of an employee stuck abroad; normalization of relations in a tensed family context endangering the lives of some of its members; assistance provided to a company in the context of a repurchase operation following the concealment of information likely to call into question the entire operation; assistance provided to students implicated in racist and anti-semitic statements which have given rise to  criminal and disciplinary proceedings and have been the subject of significant media coverage

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