Business areas of our clients

Examples of the firm’s cases

1. Automotive Construction & Industry

Defending the interests of a car manufacturer in numerous disputes against its customers and dealers relating to hidden defects of some of its vehicles

Defending the interests of a management company of a large vehicule fleeet in a dispute with one of its major suppliers

Defending the interests of an agricultural machinery distributor against its historical supplier in connection with its takeover by one of its main competitors

2. Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnologies

Defending the interests of an Irish company following the termination of commercial relations at the initiative of its French supplier

Defending the interests of a biotechnology company in a dispute against its carrier following the loss of the goods (genetically modified animals) during a transport operation

Defending the interests of the new management team of a pharmaceutical company in the context of a conflict with its former CEO (revocation, governance, management of the company, criminal and security issues, embezzlement of public subsidies)

3. Housing

Defending the interests of landlords (institutional and individual) in disputes between against their tenants (recovery of unpaid debts, evictions, enforcement of court decisions), including in emergency procedures (squats)

Defending the interests of an institutional landlord in a dispute with a tenants’ association over the regularization of property charges

Defending the partners of a civil real estate company under judicial administration in a dispute with other partners of the structure

4. Consulting and service providing

Defending the interests of a leading law firm in a dispute between its current and former partners

Defending the interests of a communication company in a dispute with one of its former officers over the terms of its dismissal and the conditions under which it had exercised its mandate

Defending a company specializing in security issues following the termination of its relationships at the initiative of its client, a leading humanitarian association

5. International Trade

Advising a connected object distribution company in a dispute with its historical supplier following the termination by the latter of their commercial relations

Defending the interests of a distributor of cosmetic products on the African continent following the sudden termination of commercial relations by the manufacturer

6. Specific sectors: fundraising, ready-to-wear, sport …

Mediator in a conflict between the co-managing partners of a company specialized in fundraising and affecting all of its structuring aspects (governance, human resources management, development strategy, communication)

Defending the interests of several members of a sports association in a conflict related to its governance, opposing these members to the management team and having been the subject of conciliation before the French National Olympic and Sports Committee

Mediator in a conflict between a French ready-to-wear company and one of its historical suppliers established in Africa following the sudden termination of commercial relations at the initiative of the French company

7. Individuas and Family

Defending an indicted person in a case of false denunciation for rape

Defending the beneficiaries of a person who died following an undetected stroke during his stay in hospital and assistance to the family within the framework of the medical expertise and the negotiations which followed to compensate their damage

Advising a father following the abduction of his child by the mother of the latter, recuperation of the child and settlement of the conditions of the separation of the couple while preserving the interests of the child by resorting to a collaborative law process

Assistance provided, in criminal and civil matters, to the former employee of a company, victim of identity theft by his former employer, which resulted in his conviction for payment of a sum of money. Procedures for his exoneration and the conviction of the employer in criminal and civil matters

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