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We design with agility and implement intelligent solutions since they are complete, taking into account all the parameters of your file (legal, economic, reputational…)


Legal advice
We provide legal advice for structuring adapted and legaly secured contractual solutions for the implementation of your projects (commercial, real estate ...)
Highly qualified in both litigation and amicable resolution modes, we demonstrate agility and creativity to resolve your conflicting situations (amicable and judicial resolution)
Mastering amicable resolution modes at the clients’ service, both as lawyers and mediator
Our acknowledged multidisciplinary legal expertise allows us to offer you tailorecd solutions to your legal and economic needs



The firm intervenes in business law, real estate and criminal law, for a French and international clientele (from very small to large companies, associations and individuals) in the following sectors: automotive construction and industry, pharmaceuticals and biotechs, housing, consulting and service delivery, international trade, and other specific sectors (fundraising, ready-to-wear, sports…)

Commercial law
Partners’ disputes
Criminal law
White collar crime
Real estate law
Crisis management

THE lawyers

Portait David Lutran 2
David Lutran
Registered lawyer at the Paris Bar/Trained to amicable dispute resolution/ CMAP Accredited mediator
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Célina Guichenduc
Registered lawyer at the Paris Bar/Trained to amicable dispute resolution

How can we advise you?

Lutran Avocats & Médiation advises you in negotiating and elaborating your contracts to implement your projects

We provide acurate and documented answers to all your questions (prevention and anticipation of the risks related to the performance of a contract, renegotiation of contracts in times of crisis, applicable rules to a particular economic operation, terms of termination of a contract …)

Lutran Avocats & Médiation represents and advises clients in the amicable and/our contentious resolution of their disputes (negotiation, mediation, collaborative process, participatory procedure)

The firm intervenes at all stages of the proceedings before French and foreign courts, relying on the competence of trusted local correspondents in the latter case

The training of the firm’s lawyers to amicable modes of dipsute resolution allows them to offer a tailored defense strategy to their clients, adapted to their needs and operational constraints for quick and effective solutions

Accredited Mediator from the CMAP since 2017, David Lutran is regularly appointed as a mediator (conventional and judicial mediations) in real estate and commercial disputes (textile industry, IT, fundraising, sports, food industry, etc.), conflicts between partners, that may involve parties of various nationalities

David Lutran’s experience in mediation allows him, as a lawyer accompanying his clients in mediation, to adopt a pragmatic approach to certain complex cases in order to reach a quick, rational and tailored solution to the needs of the firm’s clients.

David Lutran’s credentials as mediator:

What makes us different : mastering the alternative dispute resolution modes

Lutran Avocats & Médiation incorporates alternative dispute resolution methods into its practice to help you resolve your difficulties, as these modes are a preferred path when the case is appropriate, to allow the complete, fast, efficient and cost-effective resolution of the dispute.

A confidential process taking place outside or parallel to a trial aimed at resolving a dispute between parties, with the help of a neutral, independent and impartial third party named mediator. The role of the mediator is to facilitate the establishment and continuation of a dialogue between the parties and to accompany them in their amicable approach


A process in which the parties and their lawyers, properly trained, attempt, before any referral to the judge, to find a negotiated solution. The actors of the collaborative process undertake, through a collaborative charter, to respect its cardinal principles (confidentiality, courtesy, respect for others and transparency in the communication of useful information to understanding the conflict and its resolution)


Process involving the appointment of a conciliator, whose mission is to try to make the parties agree. The conciliator is free to use the methods of his choice for this purpose. In particular, he may intervene in the discussion between the parties or guide it, declare himself in favour of a solution, or even implement mediation techniques if he masters them.


A method by which the parties can reach a fair solution in negotiations that privilege listening to the other party and fair behaviour. Interest-Based Negotiation focuses on the interests – common and opposite – of the parties rather than on their respective declared positions, in order to get out of a blocked situation and to favour the continuation of their relations


Participatory procedure – Procedure put in place by a fixed-term agreement signed by the parties who undertake to “work jointly and in good faith to settle their dispute amicably” with the mandatory assistance of their lawyers. This agreement suspends the applicable statute of limitations, prohibits the parties from bringing the matter before the judge and establishes a confidential framework in which the parties can submit their arguments


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