Our Methodology

Our solutions

We provide a complete solution to your projects and issues

Lutran Avocats & Médiation favors a concrete and operational approach focused on results

The Firm’s members maintain a relationship of trust and proximity with their clients to understand their needs and motivations and to define, in full cooperation, a strategy to achieve their goals

We provide our clients with clear and concise analyzes of their case, beyond its sole legal aspects

The uncertainty related to the health and economic crisis we are currently going through makes it essential to develop and implement fast and operational solutions that allow clients to focus on their core business, without suffering the expense of litigation procedures, often long and unsuitable for their needs

The firm’s lawyers are trained for this purpose to amicable modes of dispute resolution (negotiation, mediation, collaborative process, participatory procedure)

We solve your problems

On a factual basis
In an agile and flexible way

We handle
your case
in all its aspects :



Legal, financial, economic, reputational aspects, etc.


Delays in obtaining a judicial decision in a context of degraded justice, difficulties in enforcing the decisions rendered, legal contingencies …

Our relationship with you

1. Listening
To understand the issues, the context and your needs
2. Communicating
We favor a direct and in-depth dialogue with our clients to get to know and understand their concerns and expectations
3. Analysis
A clear and concise analysis of the file’s structuring elements from a legal standpoint and beyond, with the support of experts in other fields if necessary (financial expert, auditor, notary, real estate expert, etc.)
4. Solutions
Our concern is to provide you with concrete, efficient and fast solutions to the questions you have submitted to us, taking into account your needs and the structuring parameters the case (legal, economic, reputational aspects, balance of power between the parties in the event of conflict etc.)

What makes us different


Practice of amicable methods of conflict resolution (negotiation, mediation, collaborative process, participatory procedure)


Mastering of various languages (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese), training and professional experiences and numerous interventions aboraod (United States, Brazil, Lebanon, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Italy…)

Privileged teamwork

along with clients and interlocutors in areas other than those practiced by the Firm

Clear communication

Use of clear legal language

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